eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera

Enhance your home security with the eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera, the perfect addition to your existing eufyCam 2 Pro system. This state-of-the-art add-on camera provides you with advanced surveillance capabilities, ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding your property.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Clarity: The eufyCam S221 delivers high-definition 1080p video, allowing you to monitor your surroundings with unparalleled clarity, even in low-light conditions.
  2. Reliable Motion Detection: Equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, the camera’s motion detection system filters out false alerts, focusing only on relevant activities, such as humans, pets, or vehicles.
  3. Extended Battery Life: With its advanced power-saving technology, the eufyCam S221 boasts an extended battery life, ensuring continuous surveillance without frequent charging.
  4. Weatherproof Design: Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, this outdoor camera is built tough, protecting it from rain, dust, and extreme temperatures.
  5. Effortless Installation: Setting up the eufyCam S221 is a breeze. Just mount it anywhere you desire, and it seamlessly integrates with your existing eufyCam 2 Pro system.
  6. Secure Data Storage: Your privacy matters! All recorded footage is securely stored locally, with the option to expand storage using a microSD card or eufy Security Cloud.
  7. Two-Way Audio: Communicate in real-time with the built-in two-way audio feature. Keep an eye on your loved ones or ward off intruders, no matter where you are.
eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera

Complete Guide to eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera Setup and Installation

Section 1: Unboxing and Preparing Your eufyCam S221

Before we begin the setup, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contents of the eufyCam S221 package. The box should contain the following items:

  1. eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera
  2. Magnetic Mounting Base
  3. Mounting Screw Set
  4. Micro-USB Charging Cable
  5. Quick Start Guide

Ensure that all the components are present and undamaged before proceeding to the setup.

Section 2: Placing the Camera

Choosing the right location for your eufyCam S221 is crucial for optimal performance. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Optimal Height: Place the camera at a height of 7-10 feet for a balanced field of view and to prevent tampering.
  2. Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Check that the camera is within range of your Wi-Fi router for a stable connection.
  3. Weatherproofing: The eufyCam S221 is weather-resistant, but it’s best to avoid direct exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Section 3: Charging the eufyCam S221

Before proceeding with the setup, make sure the camera is adequately charged. Here’s how:

  1. Connect the Micro-USB Charging Cable to the camera’s charging port.
  2. The LED indicator on the camera will turn solid blue while charging and will turn off when fully charged.

Section 4: eufy Security App Setup

Now that your eufyCam S221 is charged and in position, let’s set up the camera using the eufy Security app:

  1. Download the eufy Security app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner to add a new device.
  3. Select “Security Camera” and follow the on-screen instructions to add the eufyCam S221.

Section 5: Pairing the eufyCam S221

To pair the camera with the HomeBase:

  1. Ensure the HomeBase is powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device.
  2. Press the Sync button on the HomeBase until the LED indicator flashes blue.
  3. Press the Sync button on the eufyCam S221 until the LED indicator on the camera blinks blue.
  4. The camera will automatically connect to the HomeBase. Once paired successfully, the LED indicator on the camera will turn solid blue.

Section 6: Fine-tuning Camera Settings

With the eufyCam S221 successfully added, you can now customize its settings for your specific needs:

  1. Open the eufy Security app and select the eufyCam S221 from the device list.
  2. Adjust the camera’s motion sensitivity, video quality, and recording duration to suit your preferences.
  3. Enable push notifications to receive alerts whenever motion is detected.

You have successfully set up and installed your eufyCam S221 (eufyCam 2 Pro) Add-on Camera. With its advanced features and seamless integration with the eufy Security app, you can now enjoy enhanced home security and peace of mind. Remember to periodically check the camera’s positioning and settings for the best performance. If you encounter any issues, refer to the eufyCam S221’s user manual or contact eufy support for assistance. Stay safe and protected with eufyCam S221!

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