Arlo Magnetic Wall Mounts

Upgrade your Arlo security camera setup with our reliable and versatile Arlo Magnetic Wall Mounts. Designed to provide a seamless installation experience, these magnetic mounts offer a secure and stable attachment for your Arlo cameras. Easily position your cameras at the perfect angle to capture every important moment with confidence.

With the freedom to mount your Arlo cameras indoors or outdoors, you can achieve comprehensive surveillance coverage of your property. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having your cameras securely in place, whether it’s for monitoring your home, office, or any other property. Enhance the effectiveness of your Arlo security system and take control of your surroundings. The Arlo Magnetic Wall Mounts provide a convenient and efficient solution to keep your cameras in position, ready to safeguard what you cherish most.

Key Features

  1. Strong Magnets: Arlo magnetic wall mounts are equipped with strong magnets that ensure a secure attachment to metal surfaces. This allows for easy installation and adjustments without the need for screws or drilling.
  2. Easy Installation: The magnetic wall mounts are designed for quick and hassle-free installation. You can easily mount and dismount the cameras whenever needed.
  3. Adjustable Angles: These mounts often feature a swivel and tilt design, allowing you to adjust the angle and position of the camera for better coverage of the area you want to monitor.
  4. Indoor and Outdoor Use: Arlo magnetic wall mounts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They are often weather-resistant, ensuring durability and functionality even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  5. Compatibility: These mounts are typically designed to be compatible with various Arlo camera models. However, it’s essential to ensure the specific mount you choose is compatible with your Arlo camera model.
  6. Cable Management: Some magnetic wall mounts come with built-in cable management options. This helps to keep the camera’s power cable neatly organized and out of sight, enhancing the overall appearance and reducing the risk of cable damage.
  7. Paintable: Depending on the model, some Arlo magnetic wall mounts may have a paintable surface. This allows you to match the color of the mount to your walls, providing a more seamless and aesthetically pleasing Arlo installation.
  8. Secure Attachment: The strong magnets and a secure locking mechanism ensure that your Arlo cameras stay firmly in place and do not fall or get knocked off easily.


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