Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro is a versatile and advanced accessory designed to enhance your Ring ecosystem, providing an extended range for your Ring devices while also acting as an audible alert system for your Ring notifications. Whether you have Ring doorbell cameras, security cameras, or other Ring devices, the Chime Pro offers several key features to improve your overall Ring experience.

1. Extended Wi-Fi Range:

The Ring Chime Pro serves as a Wi-Fi extender specifically tailored for Ring devices. It helps to extend the coverage of your home’s Wi-Fi network, ensuring that your Ring cameras and devices maintain a strong and stable connection. This is particularly beneficial if you have Ring devices placed in areas with weaker Wi-Fi signals.

2. Dual Functionality:

Aside from being a Wi-Fi extender, the Chime Pro also functions as a chime and alert system. When you have a Ring notification, such as someone ringing your Ring Video Doorbell or motion detected by your Ring camera, the Chime Pro emits a distinct and customizable chime sound. This is especially useful if you have larger homes where the sound from your Ring devices might not be heard from all areas.

3. Customizable Chimes and Alerts:

The Ring Chime Pro allows you to personalize your alert experience. You can choose from a variety of chime tones and adjust the volume to your preference. This means you can set different chimes for different Ring devices, allowing you to instantly identify which device has been triggered.

4. Status Indicators:

The Chime Pro features LED lights that indicate the status of your Ring devices and the Wi-Fi connection. This visual feedback lets you know at a glance if everything is operating as expected. If there are any issues with connectivity or setup, these indicators help troubleshoot the problems.

5. Easy Setup:

Setting up the Ring Chime Pro is relatively straightforward. It can be configured through the Ring app, making it convenient to integrate into your existing Ring ecosystem. The app guides you through the process, ensuring that you’re up and running in no time.

6. Compatibility:

The Ring Chime Pro is designed to work seamlessly with various Ring devices, including Ring doorbell cameras, security cameras, and other Ring sensors. This compatibility ensures that you can extend the range and enhance the alert system for all your Ring devices.


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