Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar)

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) is a cutting-edge outdoor security camera designed to provide comprehensive protection for your home or business. With its advanced features and solar-powered capabilities, this smart camera ensures round-the-clock surveillance without worrying about battery life. Offering unrivaled peace of mind, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) is a powerful addition to any security system.

Key Features:

Solar-Powered Efficiency:

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) comes equipped with a built-in solar panel that harnesses the power of the sun to keep the camera charged continuously. This eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements and guarantees uninterrupted surveillance.

High-Definition Video:

Enjoy crystal-clear 1080p HD video footage with this camera, allowing you to see every detail clearly, even in low-light conditions. The camera’s wide-angle lens ensures a broad field of view, capturing more of your surroundings.

Advanced Motion Detection:

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) features customizable motion zones, allowing you to focus on essential areas and reduce unnecessary alerts. When motion is detected, the camera triggers instant alerts, keeping you informed of any potential threats in real-time.

Two-Way Audio:

Communicate with visitors or deter intruders using the camera’s two-way audio system. Whether it’s welcoming guests or scaring away unwanted visitors, this feature adds an extra layer of security to your property.

Built-In Siren:

In case of suspicious activities, the camera’s built-in siren can be activated remotely to alert neighbors and deter intruders effectively. The loud siren serves as a powerful deterrent and draws attention to the situation.

Infrared Night Vision:

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) is equipped with infrared night vision, ensuring clear visibility in the dark. This feature allows the camera to monitor your property 24/7, providing you with enhanced security day and night.

Real-Time Mobile Alerts:

Stay connected to your property no matter where you are. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever the camera detects motion or activates the siren, allowing you to take immediate action if necessary.

Weather-Resistant Design:

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) is built with durability in mind. Rain or shine, this camera will continue to protect your property with reliable performance.

Cloud Storage Options:

The camera offers optional cloud storage plans, enabling you to save and review recorded footage. Choose from various subscription plans to access your video history and keep track of events over time.

Seamless Integration:

The Ring Spotlight Cam Plus (Solar) seamlessly integrates with other Ring devices and the Ring app. Manage all your Ring devices from a single platform, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem tailored to your needs.


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