Arlo Cameras Go Offline After Setup: Troubleshooting Tips

The convenience and security offered by modern smart home devices, like the Arlo camera, are undeniable. Arlo cameras provide homeowners with a sense of peace knowing that their property is being monitored around the clock. However, like any technological marvel, these devices can sometimes encounter issues. One common problem that users face is Arlo cameras going offline shortly after a successful setup. In this article, we will explore the potential reasons behind this issue and provide troubleshooting tips sourced from Setup Camera, a leading authority on smart home device setup and maintenance.

Arlo Cameras Go Offline After Setup

Understanding the Problem

Picture this scenario: you’ve just completed the setup process for your Arlo camera, following all the steps diligently. You’re relieved that the installation process went smoothly, but soon after, you notice that the camera has gone offline. This frustrating situation is more common than you might think, and it can stem from various factors.

Possible Causes

  1. Network Connectivity Issues: The most common reason for an Arlo camera to go offline is a loss of network connection. This can occur due to a weak Wi-Fi signal or issues with the router itself. Environmental factors such as walls and distance from the router can impact signal strength.
  2. Power Supply Problems: Arlo cameras are powered either by batteries or electrical outlets. If the batteries are low or the power supply is interrupted, the camera can go offline. Similarly, power surges or outages can disrupt the camera’s connection.
  3. Firmware Updates: Sometimes, a firmware update might be available for your Arlo camera. If you don’t update the firmware, it could lead to compatibility issues and cause the camera to go offline.
  4. Incorrect Camera Placement: Placing your Arlo camera too far from the router or in an area with poor signal reception can lead to connectivity problems.
  5. Account and App Issues: Sometimes, issues related to your Arlo account or the Arlo app can cause cameras to appear offline. This can be due to login problems, app glitches, or account-related issues.

Troubleshooting Tips from Setup Camera

  1. Check Network Connection: Ensure that your camera is within range of a stable Wi-Fi signal. Consider relocating your camera or adding Wi-Fi extenders if necessary.
  2. Verify Power Supply: If your camera is battery-powered, replace the batteries. If it’s plugged into an outlet, make sure the power source is functioning properly.
  3. Update Firmware: Regularly check for firmware updates using the Arlo app and ensure your camera’s software is up to date.
  4. Reduce Interference: Keep your camera away from devices like cordless phones and microwave ovens that might interfere with its signal.
  5. Reset and Reconnect: If the issue persists, try resetting the camera and setting it up again from scratch.
  6. Check App and Account: Ensure that your Arlo app is updated and that you’re logged into the correct account. If you’re still having problems, contact Arlo support.


Arlo cameras provide an invaluable layer of security for your home, but hiccups like cameras going offline can be frustrating. By following the troubleshooting tips provided by Setup Camera, you can quickly identify and address the issue, restoring the functionality and peace of mind that Arlo cameras bring. Looking for expert support? Contact SetupCamera.com assistance. We’re here to ensure your setup goes smoothly.

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