Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you’re experiencing issues with your Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight camera not connecting to Wi-Fi, Setup Camera is here to help. Our dedicated support team can assist you in resolving this problem and getting your security camera up and running smoothly. Don’t let connectivity issues compromise your home or business security. Our experts will guide you through the troubleshooting process to ensure that your Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight is seamlessly connected to your Wi-Fi network. Trust SetupCamera.com for all your Arlo camera setup and connectivity needs. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting Guide: Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

The Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight is a powerful wireless security camera designed to protect your home and loved ones. However, like any technological device, it may encounter connectivity issues. One common problem Arlo users face is the camera’s failure to connect to Wi-Fi. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you resolve this issue. If you find that you’re unable to solve the problem on your own, you can contact Setup Camera for expert assistance.

  1. Verify Your Network Connection

Before diving into camera-specific troubleshooting, make sure your Wi-Fi network is functioning correctly. Test other devices, like smartphones or laptops, to ensure they can connect to your Wi-Fi network without issues. If your network is down, restart your router or contact your internet service provider.

  1. Check Camera Placement

Ensure that your Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight is within the range of your Wi-Fi signal. Thick walls, large metal objects, or excessive distance can obstruct the signal. Try moving the camera closer to your router to test connectivity.

  1. Reboot the Camera

Sometimes, a simple reboot can solve connectivity problems. To do this, press and hold the sync button on the camera’s base station until the LED light starts blinking, then release. Wait for the camera to sync with the base station and attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi network again.

  1. Check for Firmware Updates

Outdated firmware can lead to compatibility issues. Make sure your Arlo camera is running the latest firmware. You can do this through the Arlo app or by visiting the Arlo website.

  1. Change Your Wi-Fi Network

In some cases, switching to a different Wi-Fi network may help. Temporarily connect your camera to another network and check if it can establish a connection. If it works, there may be issues with your primary network.

  1. Adjust Your Router Settings

Check your router’s settings for any security features or restrictions that might block the camera’s connection. Disable MAC address filtering or adjust the firewall settings if necessary.

  1. Contact Arlo Support

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and your Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight is still not connecting to Wi-Fi, it’s time to reach out to Arlo support. They can provide advanced troubleshooting solutions and guide you through the process of resolving the issue.


The Arlo Pro 4 Essential Spotlight is an excellent security camera when it’s working correctly. If you find that it’s not connecting to Wi-Fi, don’t panic. Follow the steps outlined in this troubleshooting guide to address the issue. Remember, if you’re still facing problems, you can contact the experts at SetupCamera.com for assistance. With patience and the right guidance, you’ll have your Arlo camera up and running, providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve.

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